Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Woman Without Grace

There is a story in my ear
Which seems to start this time of year
The dying grass and shades of gray
They help to keep my thoughts away
Where is the ease in easy
When a moment can’t be spared
When all the worries in your head
Are wanting to be shared
The price of gasoline
And our economy
Are sights and sounds of war
The stocks are falling
Lower than the leading limbo
Legend on his home court
A simple competition
Turns into a mass
Coalitional game
The paparazzi aim to please
The few of us
That have yet to be named fame

We made the street our stage
In order to get paid
Though many passed us by
Without a simple “Hi”
How parking was a joke
Almost as if it spoke
This city made us fear
For all the things held dear

It reached inside our nerves
To twist the things conserved
It mystified our minds
And held us all confined
The beating of our heart
Was sure to never start
The woman without grace
Will start to sing:

Riding bicycles
Everyday, everyday
Riding bicycles
Whenever there’s a way

We’ll scratch your back if you won’t worry
We’ll play a song if you’re not scared
It’s these things that try to pull us off like buttons
And place us in the drawer above the stairs

Thursday, June 19, 2008

This Banjo

He was whispering for someone to be closer to
Oh what'd you do?
Oh what'd you do?
So anticipation done did him away
It closed in for the kill
It closed in for the kill
I'll be jumping speeding train cars for you much too soon
So step my way dear
Come step my way dear
Cause on most occasions my home isn't home
So pluck this banjo dear
And pluck it till your near
Loneliness is calling
Cheer me up my darling
Miles growing fewer
Just another hour
Would you be my blanket
Keep me in containment
I'll be thinking of you
Much too good to be true
I do not want you to leave

Pushing Little Keys

I've gone and lost my chance tonight
And in my thoughts it did seem right
I waited for the perfect time
I planned it all out in my mind
I've gone and lost my chance tonight
Your pen would drop beside my chair
Both reaching for it we would stare
Into the eyes of someone new
And somehow I would impress you
I'd ask your name and hold the door
And go outside to thank the lord
For giving me your cheer tonight
As smiles shine and speak goodbyes
We are searching for things to say
Though there are no words today
We are pushing our little keys to say hello
And though the moments have been few
I will always spend them with you
Making secret trips for you to say hello
With every second that you grace
We will learn more about this place
And build upon this common loss of words we face

Painted Life

We see things for a moment
And slowly they awake
Our minds show pictures painted
Our hears will float away
I notice things about you
That never will be true
We'll see the forest flowers
And give the world its truth
But were you not the one
I thought about in my sweet, sweet sleep?
So where you're going I will be too.

Strangely New

It's so pleasant
To be
By your side
To be free
Don't you see
I want to be
With you
Near You
To escape
To be free
So here I am
Waiting by
For you
Strangely new
Sitting tight
And I know
Dare I do
Dare I feel
This is right

Ode To God Mom Dad And Mrs. Petch

All are born doing as we please
Oh so young enchanted by disease
No wisdom comes without
A few lessons about
What we cannot see
A life we dare not lead
You've shown me where to hide
To whom I can confide
So wake my soul rejoice
It comes down to a choice
A life to live for.
Can't you feel it in the end?
Your fathers strength,
You mothers tenderness?

Downtown City Cruise

I see it again, so foggy and grim
I look back to see ahead
I do not feel like giving in
To what this hour says is true
So children sleep so tight tonight
But you,
Baby you and me are staying up
And it's over, but that day we walked
And it's over, but that night we talked
Books are meant to entertain
So why am I so uncertain of them
Stories aren't meant to be changed
So why did we change and why am I satisfied?
Singing is for clarity
So much for feeling anything at all
Life is short for labyrinth
Mazes are songbooks
Singing them we will get lost
We're going downtown tonight
Where homeless men ask for a smoke
So take my arm and hold it close
I'll get you out of here
How long must I wait here
If everyone's going away
How long must I wait here?
I'm thinking of wanting you
Dreaming all about you
Baby, don't leave me here all alone
Don't worry work will be alright
The morning is a wasted thought
So here's a map just point and choose
Where to?
You say a downtown city cruise

Convince My Mind

There was a melody to sing
There was a harmony to bring
And though this song was playing loud
You could not hear the music play
Its voice was deafened by the day
Triumphant sounds turning around
What will it take to make you come around to me?
What will it take to make you come around to me?
So convince my mind that it will never think about you
That will never be true
Convince my words that there is nothing good about you
They would be so few
There are so few who are like me
Who wait around eternity
For perfect reasons to comply
And though I've seemed to make it last
Transitions killed me in the past
At war, my thoughts do not survive
What will it take to make you come around to me?
What will it take to make you come around to me?
So convince my mind that it will never think about you
That will never be true
Convince my words that there is nothing good about you
They would be so few
Circle around the season that you wanted to believe in
Circle around the season that you wanted to believe in

Rocket For Two

So board this rocket that you see
It's reason for me not to speak
Shoot off and be the falling sky
I'll stay be waving my goodbyes
No sense in fighting for it now
I'd simply rather show you how
So board this rocket that you see
I am so ready to be free
And she said, as we both knew
I will not be there anymore
Quite pretentious, this idea
And I held on for far too long
Seasons arrive before I devise
A Scheme to bring you here
Oceans divide before I can find
A reason to be near
So feel the warmth of all the people
Staring at your last resort
Oh, feel the warmth of all the people
Staring at your last resort
And she said, as we both knew
I will not be there anymore
Quite pretentious, this idea
And I held on for far too long
Rocket for two to the moon
But she will not believe...

Teapots Trees And Hercules

Your friends already told me what it is you like
Are you surprised?
Teapots trees and Hercules
Reading and writing with the lights dimmed so far
And now I am one step closer
To knowing everything about your life
Teapots trees and Hercules
Reading and writing with the lights dimmed so far

Friday, April 11, 2008

As Time Goes

He was shaking the dust from his shoes as he left there
And distraught at the day for not coming his way
But the clock on his wall said he had it all wrong
"You can't run from my hand, I will follow you"
Tick from this clock we are signing away
insult to moments in store for today
Requested reactions rewind and replay
Fast forward my ending don't push me away
Tick-Tock time has gone wrong
Tick-Tock time is all gone
He was old for a boy and young for a man
Caught somewhere between both worlds without command
Tick from this clock we are signing away
Insult to moments in store for today

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Jump Out (Of This Boat)

Do you ever feel alone in a world without someone
Yes, Its been far too long since I’ve felt that precious warmth
Do you lack the inspiration to get through life intact
Of course I have my moments, but indeed I’m set far back
I’m short on inspiration so these words will share their own
What kind of heart do I posses if it is still at rest
Its’ speech has slowed and eyes have closed its begging for a door
Which leads into your holding arms though they are yet found
Would someone please explain to me how life goes by so fast
I feel I’m short on chances and I feel I'm short on time
If only you were here with me to stop this beating clock
But you are just imagined, simply floating in my mind
I put a face onto you with everyone that I do meet
Affection is rewarded with a letdown and defeat
Presuming we are bound to be I’m holding onto hope
But soon I will begin to die and jump out of this boat

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Winter Passageway

We would take trips to the library. The cold, bitter winter ground strangling our feet as we galloped through the snowdrifts, doing our very best at avoiding any straight path. I was younger then. Stories were more than words read from a book. They were a passageway, and inadvertently my imagination grew to the sound of their melody. If a story was a melody, then a book on tape was a song. And its voice sang louder than any precious childhood memory. Of course I sang along. My mind danced. My torso sat contemplating what was being read. How on earth could such a simply written story be presented so beautifully? Exaggeration is the key you see (I found this to be true). Their emphatic voice would spring out like Sir. Jacks head sprang forth from a certain box I once saw. Full of surprise. Full of spite. Their words kissing my thoughts. My imagination aspiring to the beautiful melody.

Growing up in this wintered state had its gifts. I became a fascinated child of snowmen and Christmas trees at an early age. The countdown began as October ran away. Red and green strands of paper intertwined; each day one was ripped away, revealing a closer connection to my appreciation for toys and candy. A shorter chain to be slowly disassembled. A symbol every child understands and is drawn into without confrontation. Living those days, so young, time would drag on for years. Every moment lasts forever to a mind where life seems to have no end.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Far Too Much Of Nothing

When I close my eyes I see far too much of nothing. I guess this is why I often feel restricted to take action in anything; because my eyes are always closed. Eyelids down, holding tightly to their gripping fashion. The problem is, in the seldom chance of alertness, my eyes open to see just as much uncertainty. I may notice opportunity, transferring vision to thought, yet action is suppressed as if it were never called upon in the first place. What a monster I seem to have created.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pulled from long ago.

The Writing Vault
Excitement of new opportunities has been devoured by life yet again. when will it cease? i actually thought this would align without being denied of me; lord knows that won’t happen for ages.

i absolutely feel undeserving of such an offer, which causes desire to acquire such a beautiful opportunity all the more. what a difficult action to pretend it all means nothing to me, in order to preserve the “wisdom” of the respected minds. what a difficult task it is to feel so close to someone, yet in your mind be pushing them away.

as perfect as it may feel (how again am i anything but wretched through those eyes), i am told to vanquish any such emotion or desire. patience through time is harder than anything else life forces us to battle. i don’t want to hurt myself by allowing this to pass. i don’t want to be forgotten.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Happiness And Other Jazz

Life is an eternal quest of purposeless jitter. We can never find what we are looking for, or what it is that puts ease to our minds. I often find myself wondering when I will be content with my life. It's a troubling thought, knowing happiness is not a destination but rather a long process of bumps and turmoil. "Experiences shape who we become", I always tell myself. But what if who we become is a senseless, distasteful, old cringe with a wasted mind and a tormented stare.

Waves go up and waves come down. Sometimes I feel stuck somewhere in the middle.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Mind Control

We always want what we do not have... well at least I do. Especially now. Being alone causes wonderful dreams which will probably never actually happen. It's quite depressing when you think about it. At least it is for me when I think about it.

The thing is, being alone and feeling the great need in not being so, brings on thoughts and memories of times when you weren't alone; when you weren't so down on life. And then you get to thinking that maybe nothing better will come along; maybe that was your one chance at being relatively content, despite the negations which ultimately brought on the downfall of the relationship in the first place. But you forget about those things; the things that caused so much division and grief. When you are alone, those things start to mean less and less. Because you settle. Because you are desperate and want to be near someone so unbelievably much. Why is it so hard to be alone? Why is it so difficult to live life without companionship? It certainly is a self-civil war learning how to spend all of your time with these mind controlling dreams.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Roller Coaster Ride

Without thought or reasonable mindful discussion, It seems I have chosen to write words for the doubtful pleasure of all. With this being said, I move on with a clear conscience and a sturdy keyboard.
I've decided to stay up late tonight. Why is it that one regret forces us to desire misery in every other area of our life as well. Perhaps self pity? I did something dumb a few hours ago... I backed into a car. So now the thought of getting good rest for work in the morning seems to be transparent and quite distant; proving my point. I now wish to be equally distraught in the morning, only with something I can control.

Happenings will occur. Excitement will die shortly, and before long all that remains is a good story and heavier financial burdens. I can't complain though. Life is the most adventurous of all roller-coasters; and currently it seems to be the only one I do not contest.