Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pushing Little Keys

I've gone and lost my chance tonight
And in my thoughts it did seem right
I waited for the perfect time
I planned it all out in my mind
I've gone and lost my chance tonight
Your pen would drop beside my chair
Both reaching for it we would stare
Into the eyes of someone new
And somehow I would impress you
I'd ask your name and hold the door
And go outside to thank the lord
For giving me your cheer tonight
As smiles shine and speak goodbyes
We are searching for things to say
Though there are no words today
We are pushing our little keys to say hello
And though the moments have been few
I will always spend them with you
Making secret trips for you to say hello
With every second that you grace
We will learn more about this place
And build upon this common loss of words we face

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