Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Roller Coaster Ride

Without thought or reasonable mindful discussion, It seems I have chosen to write words for the doubtful pleasure of all. With this being said, I move on with a clear conscience and a sturdy keyboard.
I've decided to stay up late tonight. Why is it that one regret forces us to desire misery in every other area of our life as well. Perhaps self pity? I did something dumb a few hours ago... I backed into a car. So now the thought of getting good rest for work in the morning seems to be transparent and quite distant; proving my point. I now wish to be equally distraught in the morning, only with something I can control.

Happenings will occur. Excitement will die shortly, and before long all that remains is a good story and heavier financial burdens. I can't complain though. Life is the most adventurous of all roller-coasters; and currently it seems to be the only one I do not contest.