Thursday, June 19, 2008

Downtown City Cruise

I see it again, so foggy and grim
I look back to see ahead
I do not feel like giving in
To what this hour says is true
So children sleep so tight tonight
But you,
Baby you and me are staying up
And it's over, but that day we walked
And it's over, but that night we talked
Books are meant to entertain
So why am I so uncertain of them
Stories aren't meant to be changed
So why did we change and why am I satisfied?
Singing is for clarity
So much for feeling anything at all
Life is short for labyrinth
Mazes are songbooks
Singing them we will get lost
We're going downtown tonight
Where homeless men ask for a smoke
So take my arm and hold it close
I'll get you out of here
How long must I wait here
If everyone's going away
How long must I wait here?
I'm thinking of wanting you
Dreaming all about you
Baby, don't leave me here all alone
Don't worry work will be alright
The morning is a wasted thought
So here's a map just point and choose
Where to?
You say a downtown city cruise

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